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Marin Bikes

Marin Bikes at Z-Best Bikes in Minocqua, WI

Marin Mountain BikesThe care and consideration that goes into the design of a bicycle  frame is what sets Marin frames apart from the rest. Componentry can be interchanged on any bike to achieve better shifting, forks substituted for more suspension travel,  or decals and paint chosen to influence aesthetic appeal. Marin product designers exhaust every resource possible seeking to develop better performing bikes. At the end of the day, it’s the frame that is the heart of the machine.  Our R&D department spends countless hours designing, engineering and testing frames. From big picture decisions  like material selection to finite details such as butting profiles every aspect of a Marin frame has been engineered  to provide the best possible riding experience.

There is a big difference between simply checking something off a list, and making sure it is done right. Our design team is proud of the fact that nothing gets into the shop that is not considered perfect.

Every bike in the line began life as an idea. A simple notion, perhaps conceived during a chairlift ride at Whistler, or during a particularly difficult climb on day five of a nine day tour of the Italian Alps. The idea for each Marin frame is born to solve a situation, a particular trail feature, or simply started as a gut feeling that something about this could be better.

Marin BikesFrame ideas begin as simple two dimensional sketches that are quickly followed by detailed 3D models in the computer. Once all of the design parameters have been carefully defined, and the details have been worked out the frame undergoes a series of structural tests performed in the computer. Intense stress, performance and aerodynamic analysis occurs before a first prototype is produced. Once satisfactory results have been achieved in the computer the prototypes are built.

Our test lab is the world. Prototypes are ridden in various conditions and various terrain all over the world. Feedback is given, designs are tweaked and bikes are tested further. Once the ride characteristics we want have been achieved the final versions are run through exhaustive laboratory testing to ensure the frames meet the strictest international standards for strength, durability, and safety.